Little Pine Hunting CLub
Club Rules and Committee Membership for the 2012-2013 Season

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The Dixon Conservation Society is comprised of the members of the Little Pine Hunting Club (LPHC).  The governance and administration of the club’s activities are handled by an Administrative Committee.  The committee is composed of three members who handle the administrative and financial matters of the organization.  One member of this committee is at large and serves a three-year rotating term.

The club is generally self-directed, with each member responsible for his/her actions and those of his/her guest.  It is the goal of the society that each member and guest enjoy their time outdoors while observing appropriate game laws, practicing good sportsmanship, respecting other hunters, and being good stewards of the leased property.

The club’s hunting lease is comprised of land largely held by the Auburn Forestry Center.  This is a training and operational facility with a staff of employees, students, and other persons with related interest to the forestry industry.  Therefore, it is most important that members of the hunting club observe and respect the privacy and working environment of all Forestry Center personnel.

Membership is by invitation and is a single-person membership.  LPHC does not offer family memberships.

Each membership is allocated seven (7) regular guest hunter days.  This means a full day.  Half days count as half (1/2) a hunter day.  A member may bring more than one person each day, but each person is counted against allocated hunter days.  In addition, an individual guest is limited to a cumulative total of 4 hunter days for each deer/turkey/quail/other game season.

Anyone who is your dependent under IRS guidelines may hunt with the member as a family guest.  Anyone else is a regular guest and must be counted against the member’s allocation of guest hunter privileges.

Guests under 16 years of age must either hunt in the same stand with a member or may climb an adjacent tree to a member.

All guests (family and regular) must be accompanied by a registered member at all times.  A guest is not allowed to travel alone anywhere on the property, except entering and/or exiting along the main entrance road to the parking lot.  Guests (over 16) are not required to hunt in the same stand with member.

Membership dues are $1,750 (plus a $400 administrative fee for first-time members), payable on or before July 1 of each year.

1) Little Pine Hunting Club members shall obey all Federal, State, and County laws and regulations relating to hunting large and small game, waterfowl, turkeys, doves, quail, fishes, and any other wild game that fall under the regulations of Alabama State Law and Federal Laws.

2) Every hunter is required to have on his/her person any required licenses, stamps, and/or permits.  In addition, before hunting, each member and guest must provide hunting license data at the check-in station and sign proper indemnification forms. 

3) Each person shall have in effect liability insurance upon every vehicle used on the LPHC lease in an amount not less than $250,000 per person, $500,000 per occurrence, and $20,000 property damage.  LPHC insurance specifically does not cover injury, death, or property damage involving vehicles.

4) Any deer or turkey harvested must be logged on forms provided at the check-in/out station.  The completed form must be attested by a third party.

5) Each hunter is responsible for dressing and disposing of the carcass in the appropriate burial pit.  In addition, the skinning area and tools shall be thoroughly cleaned after each use and properly stored.

6) Lock all gates after exiting.  

7) Do not leave any trash and/or debris in the woods or shooting houses.  This includes any special-purpose bottles.

8) No Use of alcoholic beverages, no illegal drugs, no gambling, and no fires on LPHC lease.

9) When driving near the Auburn Forestry Center complex, drive slowly and be aware of potential pedestrians or children playing in the main road.  Be respectful of the privacy of full-time residents, especially on Sundays and holidays.  All hunting activities must harmonize with the ongoing activities of the Forestry Center.  No hunting is permitted in the immediate area surrounding the complex and private dwellings.

10) Should you need to park a vehicle, he/she may use the back parking lot. 

11) All hunters are required to sign in before a hunt and sign out after a hunt.  Any open area may be selected and “pinned” out.  Do not sign in for a guest that is not on site with you.

12) Dog hunting for deer is not permitted.

13) A member may apply to the Administrative Committee to allow a hunter under the age of 16 to hunt alone.  However, proof that the person has passed a hunter safety course is required with the request. 

14) Any personal climbing stand may only be used if permission of the owner is obtained.  All other stands may be used on a first-come basis.

15) Scouting during hunting season should be kept to a minimum.  Do not drive in food plots.  Vehicular traffic on roads is discouraged, except going and coming from hunting sites.

16) Hunting on workdays during the set work hours is not allowed. This is normally 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. 

17) Do not use any type vehicle or other motorized means to remove the hide from a harvested animal.  A walk-in cooler is available for short-term storage.  Make every effort to keep it clean.

18) Violation of any of these rules could lead to disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal from the club.

Deer: the Dixon Conservation Society is following a game management program.  As part of this program, each member is encouraged to harvest TWO does early in the season.  Bucks are restricted to those that have four (4) points on one side and a minimum 13-inch inside spread.  Members ONLY may harvest one buck with three (3) points on one side, provided he is 3˝ years old.  SPIKES are not to be taken.  All deer must be 50 lbs. or larger.  Buck harvest per member is per Alabama game laws (presently one per day, three per season).  NOTE: Regular guest may harvest only one buck per season.

Turkey:  fall turkey hunting is prohibited.  Spring harvest is restricted to gobblers only.  No hunting on food plots. Hunters should arrive early enough to minimize the effect of vehicular traffic in the woods.  All hunters should be aware of the other hunters and not encroach.  Each hunter must sign in immediately before each hunt and sign out after each hunt. Scouting should be during the middle hours of the day and only in an area not signed out by another hunter.  Gobbler harvest is per Alabama game laws (presently five per season).  Note:  Regular guest may harvest only one gobbler per season. 

Fines: any deer or turkey harvested that does not meet criteria established by LPHC will cause the member and/or guest  to be fined as follows: 1) < 13" inside spread or  < 4 on a side  or, for the member buck, < 3 on a side or < 3 1/2 years old --- $100,  2) Spike over 2" on one side--- $100, 3) Second spike, regardless of antler length--- $250, 4) Under weight deer (<50 lbs.)--- $100, and 5) Hen Turkey--- $100.  Each of these are considered separate violations.  Each repeated violation will be fined $250.  Should a spike be accidentally taken the fine for the first incident will be waived provided both antlers are < 2".

Workdays: all members are expected to participate in three workdays per year.  A member may make up a workday by pre-arranging with the Maintenance Committee.  Any member who does not work the three required workdays will be fined $50 for each day missed.

Addendum to LPHC Rules for 2013-14 Season:
The State of Alabama has changed hunting laws to allow "feeding" of deer during the regular season.  There are restrictions as to how the feed is to be placed and observed.  See the Alabama Department of Natural Resources web site for details.  The following will be observed on LPHC leased land:
1) LPHC will not provide any food "to be hunted over" other than regular food plots.
2) Individual club members may place food to be hunted over per Alabama law.
3) Any food placed is "at risk" from being hunted over by another member.  THere wiil be no "private, off limits, reserved" hunted areas for baiting deer. Place food at your own risk.
4) Anyone who places "food" in one of the areas allowed by the club's "corn/no corn" map must also place a "bait" pin on the bait map to make all club members aware of the exposure they will encounter by hunting in that area/section.

Alabama is also extending the deer hunting season in various sections of the state. LPHC falls in one of these areas. By Alabama law deer hunting is suspended for the first 10 days in December and is extended 10 days into February. The following will be observed on LPHC leased land:
1) All non-conforming deer killed in February will carry a DOUBLED fine for the infraction. Please note that the rules related to fines are unchanged except for the above.
2) Only one conforming deer may be killed in February (there is a concern for younger bucks).
3) No placing of food for deer is allowed after January 31st. The fine for this activity is dismissal from the club.
4) All food is to be removed by February 20th. This will give time for the turkey season to be scouted and to insure that NO food is left in the field.


Larry Avery, Chairman;                     (H) 334-222-6252
Pete Stone, Vice-Chairman              (W) 
334-427-3306  (C) 334-488-4924
Mike Jones, Secretary/Treasurer      (W)
334-222-3671  (H) 334-222-6515

This committee is responsible for the oversight and management of the administrative duties/functions of the club.

Joe Licina, Chairman                      (W) 334-255-6893 (H) 334-393-4034
Chris Caton                                    (C) 334-804-1820  (H) 334-222-6064

This committee is responsible for membership recruitment, retention, and member development.

Pete Stone, Chairman                     (W) 334-427-3306  (C) 334-488-4924
Wayne Holmes                               (C)  334-804-5679  (H) 334-333-5678
Cleve Huckabaa                              (W) 334-222-2571  (H) 334-222-7770
Kenneth Jones                                (W) 334-427-3443  (H) 334-388-5616
Larry Stallings, Consultant                (W) 334-222-7779  (H) 334-222-3664

This committee is responsible for the planning and scheduling of workday events.  They will determine what task is needed to be completed in order to maintain the club facilities; e.g., shooting houses, tree stands, etc.  The committee will maintain the club map (both the personal maps and the “check-in/out” board).  It is responsible for the skinning shed and associated equipment/facilities.  The committee is responsible for developing a food plot plan and for overseeing its implementation.  This committee will maintain a workday roster and workday “make-ups.”

Mike Bundrick, Chairman                  (C) 850-516-5142  (H) 850-476-7140
Kenneth Jones                                 (W) 334-428-2358  (H) 334-222-5176

This committee is responsible for tallying the number of deer killed, location, size, dimensions, etc.  In addition, this committee is responsible for the club website.